Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The New Space Shuttle Design.

Now that the Space Shuttle Discovery is on its way to becoming a memory... what will take its place? Introducing the X-37B Space Plane
Most of us probably already heard of it's first test flight last year. Currently the X-37B is undergoing its second test flight. Program manager Troy Giese says that this mission is to examine the performance of the spacecraft's solar panel systems.
Boeing reveals in the patent that the solar array has been designed to permit fast folding and stowing. The reason? So the X-37B can fold the solar array away, fire its thrusters and change its orbit to confound adversaries. This would be useful for satellites, too, says Boeing: "The ability to completely re-stow would offer mission flexibility to move the satellite thus making its orbit unpredictable."

Hit the link below to read more about the X-37B Space Plane...

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what does it sound like can it hover does it have cloaking capabilities can we hear it

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