Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Miniot Cover: The Wooden iPad 2 Smart Cover.

When the iPad 2 was officially announced, it wasn't the updated software or slim body design that surprised and impressed the public, it was the incredible Smart Cover. What really made the design 'magical' and 'out of the box thinking' was the fact that it is held on and self-aligns with magnets. Available in multiple colors as well as leather, Apple really hit a home-run with this new iPad accessory. 
...Turns out other companies have stepped up to the plate with their own take on the concept. The Minoit Cover is the closest design found that also shares the multi-functional stand positions as well as waking and putting to sleep functions when the cover is opened and closed.
All Miniot products are designed and made in the Netherlands (Holland), carved in true 3d from a single piece of the finest woods. All wood is obtained from well-managed forests and certified supply. 

...watch video demo below: 

via miniot

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