Friday, March 18, 2011

The Latest Commercial Aircraft Cabin Design.

The Aircraft Interiors Expo is arriving in Hamburg, Germany on April 5th and is showcasing the latest in aircraft cabin designs. 
In a traveler's point of view, it is refreshing to see new designs to the interior of planes that seem to not have changed much in the past 30 years...
The hot thing in this area of design is lightweighting, as airline companies struggle with rising fuel prices and try to get an airplane's overall weight down. Thus even seatbelts are getting the ultralight treatment, as shaving a mere 65 grams off of each one adds up when multiplied across planes and fleets. Seats are another interior element getting the diet treatment, and suppliers are also playing around with their configurations for greater comfort.
...below is a sneak peak of what the exhibitors will be showcasing:

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