Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Eco-Redesign of the Syringe.

Designed by Serge Roux, the Syreen is a total design make-over of the syringe.
What is remarkable about the design is that the syringe itself is and becomes its own packaging, in turn cutting down volume by 50% compared to traditional syringes today... the Earth says, "Thank You!" 
Syreen is a pre-filled disposable syringe that acts as both the primary drug container for an injection and the secondary packaging,’ said Roux. ’We knew instantly that it would work and it could change the way we view drug delivery.’ Because the design eliminates the need for a separate box, the single syringe reduces packaging volume by more than 50 per cent and weight by 30 per cent compared with traditional pre-filled syringes.

As well as cutting out packaging, the overall shape is a parallelepiped (also known as a rhomboid), allowing each Syreen syringe to nest together and leaving a space just large enough to fit an instruction leaflet. The remainder of the space is taken up by the plunger, which doubles up as a safety cap to save space. Clicking the plunger out and placing it on top of the syringe allows the rest of the packaging to be used as a rigid surface that will limit the depth of insertion and provide a stable bearing point for injection. Since Syreen is made mostly of COP plastic it doesn’t shatter under the same conditions that a glass syringe would.

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