Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Concept: The Modular Coatrack

Designed by Juozas Urbonavicius, the Modular Coatrack takes a new approach to a design normally overlooked... 
It uses a single element that works both as hook and support. Just combining the same element you can create many possibilities: one sided or two sides coat rack, more or less density, more or less stability or even use it as a support, for tables and inclined or vertical surfaces. The joining mechanism is very clever and it just uses a cylinder and a wavy steel spring ring. Therefore, there is no need of tools to assemble it and you can store it carelessly because there is no need to sort different elements. Also, transport and assembly is fast and effortless because the elements are very light and due to its compact design there is no waste of space.

via 5magazine

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