Monday, March 7, 2011

Alien Fossil Life Discovered on a Meteorite

A recent discovery by NASA astrobiologist Dr. Richard B. Hoover may in fact prove extraterrestrial life... ACTUAL ALIENS...!!
Now before you start fabricating your aluminum foil hats and hiding in your renovated Y2K cellar, please note that the discovery is of a variety of microscopic fossilized extraterrestrial bacteria within meteorite. This discovery is currently undergoing deep research and study, but if it proves to be true and the fossilized bacteria is in fact NOT from Earth, then this will go down as one of the greatest discoveries E-V-E-R.... 
So here's the deal on what Dr. Hoover found. He sterilized, and then cut open a bunch of carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, which are meteorites that tend to contain lots of water and organic material like amino acids. Hoover then examined the freshly exposed insides of the meteorites with an electron microscope, and inside he found lots (lots) of what he says seem to be 'indigenous fossils' of bacteria. Many of the fossils were embedded directly in the rock, and the lack of nitrogen in them makes it unlikely they they came from Earth, according to Hoover. So in this case, 'indigenous' means that the bacteria may have arrived on Earth along with the meteorite: natively, they'd be aliens. ALIENS!
...the fossilized alien life within a meteor kinda reminds me of the Dan Brown book Deception Point.... what do you think?

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