Monday, May 9, 2016

A Wild-West Star Wars... Mash-Up. (10 pics)

In the spirit of a good Mash-Up... here is a the Old-West mashed with Star Wars called West Wars... Nothin' like a western genre mixed with a sci-fi classic. 
These cleverly done figures are done by Silof and really does put a time period of "A Long Time Ago In a Western Far, Far Away..." 
Not only are the figures well executed, they also have their own backstory as well. 
...Check 'em out!  

“Rusty” Ransen D. Dalton  ::  R2D2
“Rusty is a cantankerous town black smith.  He is quite handy with tools and should not be underestimated for his smaller stature.”
Clarence Peppero  ::  C3PO
“Clarence Pepper is the talkative bartender at the town bar.  He is a bit of a worrier who dislikes being in the violent establishment.  He is quick to duck for cover behind the bar.”
Leah Orango  ::  Princess Leah
“Leah is the daughter of one of the most prominent ranch families in the territory and one of the few families to hold off Sheriff Vardas’ aggressive attempt to steal the ranch.”
Sheriff Akan “Death” Vardas  ::  Darth Vadar
“Now the sheriff of the border town, he works for the corrupt robber barons and railroad tycoons of the territory.”
Sheriff’s Henchman/Deputy  ::  Storm Trooper
“The sheriff has an endless supply of hired guns, thugs, and henchman.  He deputizes all them and uses them to further his control of the territories.”
Luke S. Walker  ::  Luke Skywalker
“Luke lives on the outer borderlands with his aunt and uncle who are a poor farming family.”
Old Bennet Kennelly  ::  Obi Wan Kenobi
“I saw him as a one time sheriff of some western border town who was driven in hiding when his former deputy turned on him and took over the territory.”
Hank “Solo” Solomon  ::  Han Solo
“Han was always the most directly western inspired character.  I just fully westernized his appearance.  He quintessential quick draw bandit.”
Chewing Bear  ::  Chewbacca
“Chewing Bear is the loyal companion of Hank Solomon.  Solomon aided Chewing Bear’s tribe when  Sheriff Vardas try to massacre the Indian tribe.”
Bob A. Ford  ::  Boba Fett
 “The typical wild west bounty hunter who sells his services to bring in anyone with a price on their head.   His quiet demeanor and lighting reflexes makes him one of the most dangerous men on the prarie.”

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