Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SUPER Tiny Engraving on a Razor's Edge...!

....Look really carefully.
One may assume this incredible micro-engraving was done with a machine or even lasers.... In fact it was done by the steady hand of the professional engraver Graham Short. It took him 5 nights from midnight to 5 am and over 150 attempts to engrave the words "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" which is only viewable with a medical microscope at 400x magnification!
Mr. Short worked at night, when traffic vibrations were at a minimum, with his arm strapped to his chair with a luggage strap to minimize random movements. He monitored his heart with a stethoscope, and only attempted to make a letter stroke between beats. He sits still for 90 minutes, breathing and slowing his heart rate, before starting his engraving session. He worked from midnight to 5am five or six nights a week, completing 3 letters on a good night.
This incredible super-human engraving is up for sale and will set you back $76,000 or you can take another sip of your coffee and engrave one yourself... Good Luck :)

via thetelegraph


Anonymous said...

Crazy impressive!

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the eighth wonder of the world!!!!!!!!

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