Thursday, February 3, 2011

'Spray-on Skin' is not Science Fiction...

Currently we have spray-on tans, spray on hair even spray cheese... Now get ready for the latest in spray-on technology: Spray-on Skin 
When it comes to aiding burn victims to re-grow skin, traditional methods of skin grafting can take weeks to heal. With the Skin Spray Gun, healing only takes an hour...! This tech was first talked about three years ago and we posted a story last spring about printing skin cells for spraying applying... although still experimental it has been successfully tested on over a dozen burn victims.
The way it works is by using stem cells from the patient's healthy skin and mixing it with a solution to come up with the spray paint. And combined with that fancy gun, the rest is easy. Doctors say "skin cell spraying is like paint spraying". the amazing video demo below.

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