Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pretty Sweet Snow Scraper Design.

Since the majority of America has 'snow' on their minds I thought I'd post a design we can all relate with... :)
The Snowdozer takes the traditional snow-scraper concept and makes it not only more user friendly, but also cool looking. Although just a concept, the Snowdozer already has the 145 preorders of the 2000 it needs to go into production.
It has a handle for alleviating strain and two blades for simultaneous scraping action. I can't imagine how it wouldn't drastically improve the experience of liberating your icy windshield. It's currently being presold on Quirky for $17, which I think is like Kickstarter in that it takes a certain critical mass of supporters to actually become a real thing.
After last nights snowfall Blizzaster.... I'm sure they won't have any problem with getting additional pre-orders...

 via gizmodo quirky

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