Monday, February 11, 2013

Golf Lessons from a Vending Machine...!? (video)

We've posted some pretty peculiar vending machines in the past, such as the one that dispenses live crabs, wine and even one that dishes out gold bars. The RoboPutt is no exception, it gives something other than a product.... it gives a golf lesson. 

A 5 minute lesson to be exact and all for the price of $5.00. The RoboPutt is intended to be located in golf clubs and pro-shops where users can get tips and updated personal information.
While other putting machines rely on the user performing the swing to which the machine provides feedback, RoboPutt does the moving for you to reinforce a good swing. By repeating a perfect swing over and over, RoboPutt is designed to build muscle memory so you can repeat the swing out on the greens. Users then attach their own putter to the RoboPutt machine and choose from an introductory stroke selection lesson, a course of 10 progressive training lessons or ongoing drills via a touchscreen interface with tips and advice (and confidence building) relayed via a pair of wireless headphones. The user’s stroke data, personal information and progress are stored on a magnetic card so users can practice their putt on any RoboPutt machine.
hhhmmmm ...oh now I get it... I'm imagining those cheesy 80's teen movies where a boy is showing a girl how to mini-golf by standing close behind her while they practice swinging the putter together. BUT in this case that 'girl' is you and that boy is a frickin' ROBOT VENDING MACHINE..!!!
I think I'll take a cold shower now. 

...I already know that my short-game sucks. The last thing I need is a robot hammering tips on me. Who knows, with a bit of practice with the RoboPutt I may be back in the game, hitting hole-in-ones in your neighborhood mini-golf...!
(Doh! Damn Windmill....!!)

via gizmag


mill pond golf course said...

I would definitely use it if it would help me in my game.

Nichole said...

It would help improve your game, but it's only through constant practice will you be able to perfect your stroke.

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