Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Discovered Hidden Planet Within Our Own Solar System 4x size of Jupiter

Right here in our own solar system, scientists believe they discovered a planet 4x the size of Jupiter hidden right under our noses this whole time...!
The huge mysterious planet named Tyche, is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium and orbits the sun thousands of times further than Earth and is hidden within the Oort cloud that has a radius of one light year. The Oort  cloud is composed of billions of orbiting comets and gas which may have something to do with why we haven't discovered it earlier. NASA has already confirmed some proof of the planet's existence with its space telescope...
If confirmed, the status and name of the new planet - which would become the ninth and potentially the largest - would then have to be agreed by the International Astronomical Union.
Currently named Tyche, from the Greek goddess that governed the destiny of a city, its name may have to change, as it originated from a theory which has now been largely abandoned.

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