Monday, February 14, 2011

15-Million Year Old Untouched Antarctic Lake to be Explored.

Turns out there is a lake in Antarctica, Lake Vostok, buried under two miles of ice that has been untouched for over 15-milliion years.... Guess What? We (humans) are going to drill into that pocket of water to explore and conquer anything that crosses our path...!!
It was last reported that the researchers have only 20 meters left of drilling until they break though. But of course there is a concern... (re-wind) The concern is that in order to keep the hole from squeezing shut while drilling, they added Kerosene to the drill. (fast-forward) 65 tons of kerosene later, they are now concerned that the kerosene and added bacteria will enter the pristine sealed-off lake when the drill punches through (duh!?).
...the scientists came up with a clever way to make sure this debacle would not occur. They agreed to drill until a sensor warned them of free water. At that point they will take out the right amount of kerosene and adjust the pressure so that none of the liquids fall into the lake, but rather lake water would rise through the hole.
“We are terribly interested in what they find,” Alan Rodger, a scientist at the British Antarctic Survey, told “This is a lake that we don’t think has been exposed for 15 million years. Therefore, if there is life there, we’re going to have so many questions. How has it evolved over those years, how has it survived, what does it look like? Won’t it be exciting to find something completely new on Planet Earth?”
....hhhmmmmmm... let's just keep our fingers crossed that the next news headlines isn't about how humans contaminated a pure ancient lost world with a Kerosene spill... yikes!

via foxnews

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did BP supply the Kereosene?

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