Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A WWII Bunker Turned Into a Dream Holiday Home.

Liz and Mike Strutton came across a wonderful gem of a property when a property agent showed them land that had an 'interesting' historical addition. That said addition was a World War II Bunker... 
The bunker has a grim history of guarding Britain's cliffs against the invading Nazis. On the positive side, the bunker offers a breathtaking 360 view of the land and if war ever broke out again or if zombies came to attack, their new house could be the safest place to be. 
The couple paid just under $230,000 for the property and spent just as much again to renovate the interior into a four bedroom livable space.
The Bunker was built to give the armed forces a bird's-eye view of Land's End and ensure the vital cable wireless station at nearby Porthcurno was well-defended. A tunnel to link the two installations was originally dug into the cliffs, but this has long since collapsed.
'When we first looked around, it really was just an empty concrete shell. There was nothing in it from the war, apart from a box of old fuses. There were no guns lying around or anything. A farmer had been using it as a potato store and it was completely dry. It's just like an ordinary four-bedroom bungalow. It's not dark or anything,' said Mrs Strutton.

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