Monday, January 17, 2011

Woolly Mammoth Cloning Officially Underway...!

This is similar to a story we posted back in May about the recreation of Woolly Mammoth blood and turns out present day scientists are currently working on cloning a real-life Woolly Mammoth by the year 2016...!
Dr. Akira Iritani, a Kyoto University scientist will be using the same techniques that produced a cloned mouse from frozen 16 year-old tissue. Although 16 years is greatly shadowed by thousands of years of frozen mammoth DNA, Dr. Iritani is hopeful and has a lot of work ahead of him...
For the cloning to go forward, Dr. Iritani will need a number of relatively hard-to-get things. First and foremost, he'll need a piece of frozen mammoth tissue (which does exist) at least three centimeters square from a Russian lab. He'll need the ova of an African elephant to inject the tissue into, and the elephant itself to carry the little mammoth baby to maturity.
Not only will Dr. Iritani be neck deep in research before he knocks-up an elephant, may I please suggest watching the Jurassic Park series... just sayin'

via io9

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