Sunday, January 23, 2011

VIDEO: Hot Wheels Cars With POV Camera and Display.

One thing that brings me back to my childhood are my treasured Hot Wheels cars.... and my Big Wheel. Today's generation just got an upgrade with Video Racer that has a built-in POV camera that puts you behind the tiny steering wheel as it races down and around the track. On top of all that, you can replay the race instantly on the tiny display on the bottom of the car...! 
Mattel's Video Racer is the much-needed upgrade that Hot Wheels cars have been dying for. Equipped with a small video camera that can record at 30 to 60 frames per second, the Video Racer will be able to shoot footage of itself roaring down the stunt track. Video can be played back on the small LCD located on the belly of the car or downloaded to a computer via USB. A special Hot Wheels video editor will even let you cut all of the zany clips together.
With the cost of $60 a car, I think I'll encourage my kid in kicking it old-school and have him use his imagination instead...

via dvice

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