Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Swiss-Army Knife Bathroom... The Vertebrae.

This is what happens when you mate a bathroom and a Swiss Army Knife... you get the Vertebrae bathroom by Design Odyssey Ltd. This could be the solution to your tiny-Tiny-TINY living, because the slim-tower is equipped with rotating stations from the toilet, sink, storage units and even a shower...
The veritable Swiss Army bathroom has 7 rotating modules stacked and skewered to shrink bathroom footprints. Here's how it works: Services are fed from the top of the product through a hole in the ceiling, and waste pipes can be directed through a hole in the floor, or through the wall. It can be installed in a corner (with 100 degree rotation) or you can opt for Centre installation (with continuous rotation for most modules, and 200 degrees for others). Hidden TP and toilet brush storage are built in. Each unit is constructed of 3mm aluminum with 175 color choices in either a matte or gloss finish.
This ultra-compact bathroom has an ultra-pricey tag of $10,000 to match... hit the links below for more info.

via hardwareaisle designodyssey

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