Friday, January 21, 2011

VIDEO: This Yacht can FLY and DIVE...!

Designer Phil Pauley has come up with a concept that takes yachts to a whole different level.... above water and below!
The Fly Cruiser (above) is not only an ultra-modern design in the interior with iPad-control system, the real surprise is an exterior feature.
Designed to feature a pair of wings that extend from the side of the ship, with just the touch of a button, that have jet engines on them, your trip will suddenly be transformed from a scenic trip on the water, to a speedy hydroplaning adventure. Turning on the engines will set the ship on its way, all the way up to 100 knots, where the yacht will be slicing across the water on a stability board. Once the nominal speed has been reached, the board will rise up back into the yacht, and you’ll be flying along to your next destination. 
Another version allows the yacht to completely seal off its openings and dive like a submarine... watch the flying and submerging yachts perform in the video below. 

via slashgear

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