Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Sleeping Bag Jacket

Detroit was one of the US cities hit hardest by the recession, and this winter it finds itself with 18,000 individuals without a home – a quarter of whom are children. 
One solution to this problem is a design by 21-year-old student Veronika Scott, a jacket that transforms into a sleeping bag called the Elements S(urvival). Not to be mistaken with a previous post called the JakPak, this multifunctional design is a heated, waterproof jacket that not only provides a heated shelter, but also employs the homeless to produce them.
Veronika not only invested $2,000 of her own savings into her design, she also got support from Carhartt who donated several sewing machines, 300 yards of quilted nylon and sherpa lining, industrial cutters, pattern-making and thread... She also partnered with a local Detroit homeless shelter that is providing a place to stay and a minimum wage for the people making the jakets.
Besides streamlining the coat-making process, Scott plans to finishing 25 coats by the end of February. In the long run, her goal is to make the patterns open source, so other shelters around the world can make their own.

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