Monday, January 10, 2011

Sir Richard Brandson's Necker Island.

Have you ever dreamed about having your own tropical island getaway...? well, keep on dreaming unless you are multi-billionaire, Sir Richard Brandson with his beautiful Necker Island...
Located in the British Virgin Islands, this tropical getaway along with a staff 60 will accommodate 28 guests for just a mere $53,000 per-night. This wonderland is a bit more than a stay at the Holiday Inn that you are you used to... Only accessible by plane, boat or helicopter relaxation is an understatement when you enter the doors of the island's Great House for a drink and to admire the incredible architecture/design and exceptional service. When it's time to head in for the night, the Bali Houses provide breathtaking views and comfortable beds to ensure a good nights rest. Daily activities on Necker Island don't fall short either with its beautiful beaches and variety of pools, jacuzzis and spas. If laying by the pool isn't your thing, there is always a private tennis court, windsurfing, kite-surfing, sailing, waterskiing, kayaking, power-boating, and plenty more. If exploration below the water surface is more your adventure, you can partake in snorkeling or even hire the Necker Nymph 3-person submarine to take you to the stunning reefs and marine life around the island.

From US $53,000 per night for up to 28 guests
($1,893 per person per night)

From US $54,500 per night for up to 28 guests
($1,946 per person per night)

Rates are priced in US dollars. A 2.5% service charge is added to your bill.
•  What’s included?
- Your accommodation
- All meals and drinks (both alcoholic and other)
- Return boat transfers from Virgin Gorda or Beef Island (Tortola) airports
- Laundry facilities (dry cleaning not available)
- Business facilities, wireless internet in the Great House
- 7% local tax
- A team of approximately 60 fabulous staff

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