Sunday, January 16, 2011

Satarii Star Accessory Base Tracks Your Movement.

With recording video with a mobile device's camera and with the iPhone's Facetime video calling getting more popular, holding your video device up to capture these moments can be a hassle and inconvenient at times. The Satarii Star  is a base for your mobile device that automatically tracks the movement of the intended subject via remote sensor. demo video below.
Our idea is the Star Accessory, a product that makes your mobile camera follow your every move. You can video yourself doing anything without the awkwardness of asking friends or complicated setups. It is a sensor enabled motorized base that moves your mobile camera to follow you and keep you within the image frame. And it gets rid of the need for tripods in a sleekly designed, pocket-able form factor.

The specifications that we will deliver in our Integrated system include:
  1. Supports both portrait and landscape use of iPhone
  2. Comes with one marker per base
  3. Rotates 180 degrees
  4. Works whenever the base can “see” the remote up to 8meters indoors and outdoors
  5. Base and marker will be battery powered with purchase-able, off the shelf batteries.  Marker will be larger than pictured in the "looks like" model to accommodate two AAA batteries and will not be made to dock into the base. 
  6. Does not include video app controls
  7. Not for use with cameras that weigh more than 6oz.

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