Monday, January 31, 2011

(Rumor) How 'bout that iPad 2...?

Did you think we would just leave you with rumors for just the iPhone 5....? Well get ready for the latest word on the street for the upcoming iPad 2. Anticipated for arrival on store shelves this April, the next generation of iPads are sure to impress, especially after the huge success of the first generation released not even a year ago. 
...below is a list of what's going around:

• More compact/thinner, same screen size:
Case makers have already leaked images of what the iPad 2 case will look like and it reveals a much slimmer design, by 3 mm. This makes sense since every new generation of Apple products push the limits to smaller and smaller designs...
Most likely the screen size will remain the same as the original iPad at 4:3. Steve Jobs publicly stated that there is not a market for smaller tablets, which debunks any rumor of a 7" iPad. Also current iPad apps are designed for the current screen size. If a smaller tablet were released, developers would have to reconfigure or fully redesign their apps to accommodate this.... and currently there isn't any news on that. 

• SD card slot:
One of the major complaints of the current model is that it doesn't have a SD slot. The leaked images of iPad 2 cases show a mysterious opening that may accommodate a slot... knowing Apple's history however, they will most likely NOT have this but instead offer a larger storage capacity and/or a USB port.... I guess we'll see!

• Multi-Core A5 processor
There are strong rumors to support that the new iPhone 5 will house a A5 processor... so it's likely that the iPad 2 will as well. Rumors of it moving to Qualcomm and unify GSM and CDMA is also a likely bet considering Apple's new tie with the Verizon network. This rumor is said to be a 'done deal'.

• Dual Cameras with a Flash
Another huge let down with the current model is that it doesn't have front and rear-facing cameras. This is a huge disappointment considering the popularity of Facetime and how portable the device is... the iOS 4.3 beta and leaked case images suggest openings that accommodate front and back cameras with a  flash. Also with everyother Tablet in the market having dual cameras, it's only in Apple's best interest to step-up with the competition...!

• 'Very' high-resolution display (2048 x 1536)
The iPhone 4's beautiful Retinal Display offers a crisp display in which 'individual pixels cannot be seen with the naked eye'... so it only makes sense to take this incredible tech to the next iPad. With all the other competitive Tablets in the market, having a display that is above and beyond all others would be a smart move for Apple.

• Having a 'Second' docking port on the side.
This is an interesting rumor in which I don't see Apple going through with... Apple is all about simplicity and having two docking ports seems unlikely. Although this is a rumor, it does make sense for people who want to dock the iPad on a stand in landscape mode...

• Improved speakers
The iPad has proven to be an outstanding media device. It's excellent for surfing the web, streaming music and watching videos.... so why not improve the speakers for optimal sound? Looking back at the leaked case images, it shows a cut-out that may accommodate a larger speaker. This may make sense since the location is where the current speakers are.

• Intelligent touch-sensitive Bezel
Suggested in an Apple patent, this bezel rumor would allow users to control without touching the screen but instead touching the the edges or areas on the back surface. This rumor will most likely not make it to the iPad 2 and maybe even be a scrapped idea. But since it is an approved patent, I wouldn't hold it agains Apple to surprise us in the future...

Like all rumors, we have to look at them at arms distance and enjoy them for entertainment purposes only... Knowing Apple's history of product releases, we should see the iPad 2 released in the first week of April 2011. When that happens, we will know for sure what the follow-up to an all ready amazing device will hold...

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