Monday, January 3, 2011

Photos of National Monuments Under Construction (12pics)


Although the United States is a 'young' country (as far as countries are concerned) it does have many amazing National Monuments, such as Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota (above image). Visitors travel hundreds and thousands of miles to see them in person, boosting the local economy and adding memories to their photo albums... 
What they see is the finished product, conceived and designed decades ago for future generations to look upon in awe and inspiration... 

-Check out 12 more national monuments being constructed below: 

Manhattan Bridge - New York
Gateway Arch - St. Louis
The Statue of Liberty - in France
The World Trade Center (the Twin Towers) - New York City
The Space Needle - Seattle, Washington

The Hoover Dam - Clark County, Nevada

The Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco
Capitol Building - Washington D.C.
Washington Monument - Washington D.C.
John Hancock Center - Chicago
Hollywood Sign - Hollywood Hills/Los Angeles

see more at the link below...
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