Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo-Realistic Google Sketchup Rendering.

When it comes to producing fast and efficient 3-D models and renderings, Google Sketchup is on the top of everybody's list... With it being so popular of producing quick 3-D sketches, it is surprising to learn that many people don't consider it 'capable' of producing Photo-Realistic Renderings. With the proper plug-ins and design know-how, using this user-friendly design program can create surprising results.
Jim Leggitt a well respected designer, has many years of Sketchup experience under his belt from concept design to presentation renderings. Within his blog he demonstrates his process of using Google Sketchup to create just that - an amazing rendering for a client in Abu Dhabi...
Google SketchUp Scene.
This view was one of many developed from a large planning model. The eye-level perspective was populated with people for scale. Being a simple massing model, I needed to add more detail to the composition before sending it to the Beijing rendering consultant.
Hand Drawn Overlay.
I exported a jpeg of the SketchUp model scene and printed it in color on 11"x17" paper. I taped a sheet of trace paper over the print and sketched more detail into the scene such as landscaping, building facades, water feature and other elements not in the original SketchUp model. This scanned image was sent to the rendering consultant along with some notes and instructions.

Photorealistic Rendering.

The final image was true to the original composition and successfully captured the basic character of the scene. Working with outside rendering consultants required patience and several draft versions before the final rendering was completed. This was one of over 30 proposed rendering views of which 15 different renderings were eventually produced to market the project.

Learn more and see more of Jim's work at his website:

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