Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Introducing the Verizon iPhone.

Today Verizon finally announced and confirmed that the iPhone 4 will now be available on the Verizon network. Many AT&T subscribers who have experience dropped calls and bad service all rejoiced in unison when the news broke earlier today.... 
The price of $200 for the 16GB and a 2 year contract didn't change from the AT&T version but the overall appearance has a slight difference that  geeky/gadgety people (guilty) will take notice to...
To be compatible with the Verizon network, the internal antennae components had to be adjusted, in-turn moving the locations of certain parting-lines in the phone's body design (see image below).... no word yet if this change will solve the famous antennae-gate issue.
Probably the biggest change to the Verizon iPhone 4 is ability for it to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to five separate gadgets... pretty sweet feature that AT&T fell short with. Although that is a big plus there is a downside to the Verizon service, in which it does NOT allow for voice and data usage simultaneoulsy. This means, your data connection will break every time you receive a call, so no internet surfing or video while taking a call.

The Verizon iPhone 4 will be available February 10th and if you are currently a Verizon customer, you can reserve one right now...! 

Soooo the big question here is - Are you getting one?
It's pretty tempting for the all the upset AT&T customers and non-AT&T customers that wanted an iPhone, but didn't want to make the service change... If you do get one, remember that the new iPhone 5 will be coming out in six months making your current iPhone 4 looking like an antique.... you gotta love planned obsolescence...! 

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i'll wait for the next iPhone in July.

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