Monday, January 10, 2011

Incredible Wooden Figurines

When it comes to detailed oriented wood working paired with clever and cute designs of figurines... Takeji (Take G) Nakagawa is your man. These figurines aren't just another knik-nak on your shelf. Upon a closer look, you'll notice the extremely tight parting lines of the different choices of wood and the expert creative execution of fabricating and finishing off these wonderful little sculptures...
"Yosegi-Mokuzougan, or joined wooden block construction, is craft skills where combinations of original and unique colors and textures of different kinds of wood are utilized to express artistic patterns. In Japan, the Hakone-Odawara region is famous for this traditional handicraft. Products of the Take-g Toy’s have expanded this traditional craft skill, which usually employs two-dimensional patterns, by using three-dimentional patterns, instead. We use four different kinds of wood, a keyaki (a Japanese tree of the genus Zelkova), a teak, a walnut, and a white ash."

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These wooden figurines really look great. I am sure that my mom will love these.

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