Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello LAOROSA Readers...!

Hi there faithful readers...! 
Here at LAOROSA, we are continuing our goal of sharing the news in design, gadgets, tech and.... just amazing stories whether to inspire or just to put a smile on your happy faces. I'm sure you have noticed on the bottom of each post are THREE choices of Reactions: funny, interesting and cool... 

A Favor to ask.... when you have a chance after reading a post, please feel free to mark these choices. Doing so helps us narrow down and figure out the best direction to take the LAOROSA blog in the future.
Everybody's voice helps whether adding a comment or checking the boxes. In the end, it's the readers that really make the difference in developing a great Blog Community.

Thanks for your continuing support of Laorosa.


Anonymous said...

will do :)

Anonymous said...

i love your blog and i read it everyday. all of your posts are worthy of the 'cool' box!
keep up the great work!

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