Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ginormous Cave can fit a 40 Story Building Inside.

Guess what.... there is a cave in Vietnam called the Hang Son Doong cave that has a cavern so large it can fit a half-mile block of 40-story buildings inside! What is surprising is that it was only discovered 20 years ago and is just now being surveyed... and to no surprise, National Geographic has stepped to the plate and did a fascinating story of the recent explorations of the cave... Below are just a few of the many incredible photos taken by Carsten Peter.
This tiny jungle (above image), nicknamed the "Garden of Edam", formed underneath a collapsed roof of the cave, which allowed first light and then vegetation to make its way inside the cave. I don't know if anyone's officially confirmed it, but I think we can safely say this is the largest jungle inside a cave in the entire world.
This hidden gem is yet another example of how amazing our world is and you have to wonder what other alien worlds are yet to be discovered in our own back yard...

....hit the link below to see more photos!
To get an idea of the cavern's scale, look at the tiny explorer shining his light...!

via io9 NatGeo

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