Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FINALLY: Paying with a wave of the Phone.

Starbucks just released something really special today in all US company-operated stores... and it is NOT the Grande Frap-AlPacino or another John Mayer mix CD. 
Mobile payments at Starbucks were previously available via third-party apps and with Blackberries, but now the famous barista is offering an official payment iPhone App that allows you to pay for your caffeine-fix just by waving your phone. Just download the app, input your Starbucks Card info and WALA a virtual scannable barcode... to buy whatever you want, 'cuz the future is NOW!!! how 'bout that Mayer CD?
Someone out there give it a try and let us know how it works...! If it doesn't work at that particular Starbucks, try again with the other one across the street....

thanks for the News Tip Joe H. & Amy C.
via gizmodo and money.cnn

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