Thursday, January 6, 2011

Experimental Living: The Rolling Space

Seems the Japanese aren't the only ones with tiny living spaces...
Students at the German university Karlsruhe, co-designed this experimental living space that provides multifunctional living accommodations within a super-tiny rolling tube. How does it work? The interior of this tube is constructed of bent and formed wood that is divided into three distinct areas and the occupant literally rolls the entire living space to access them...
...the first includes bed for rest, desk and chair for study; the second is the part with  rolling wheel, also a cushing space; the third includes kitchen space with sink and cupboard for storing materials. These three parts all can be rolled according to use requirments.
Pretty interesting living experiment... combining the movement of a hamster ball and the tight/abstract living conditions of the International Space Station.

...thanks for the tip Matt
via lovecoolest

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