Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easy-Build Staircase with Modular Components.

Indiana-based Industrial Designer Stephen Ronsheim may have revolutionized how staircases are built with his design that is referenced from modern technology and the Amish... This remarkable yet simple design resulted in his company Ascendings that debuted his new product at the Build Boston trade show.
Ascendings stairways use a patent pending technology where normal stringers are replaced by individual aluminum stringers. Ascendings call these risers. The concept is amazingly simple: We first start out with two floor mount risers and add to the top of that a tread. On top of that we add two more risers. Eight bolts (four on each end of a step) are used to secure this assembly. Risers and tread continue to bolt together to the base assembly until the final structure is complete.

Fortunately Stephen's design was well received by the architect and engineering community at the Build Boston trade show... Great design and a simple solution, time will tell when we'll see his design in the next build-out...!

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