Thursday, January 13, 2011

E-Ink Camouflage to make Military Tanks Invisible.

Take a long look at your Kindle or Nook e-reader... 'cuz that same E-Ink technology is being developed by the British defense firm BAE Systems to create an active e-camouflage system for military tanks
What does that mean? ...well, using a set of sensors attached to the tank's exterior, the technology will process and project the vehicle's surroundings and recreate the shapes, colors and lines onto the tank's hull making it 'extremely difficult to see'.
...although the technology is currently available and the price to produce will most likely be expensive, BAE is confident in making it work!
....with hopes of getting it to British troops serving in Afghanistan in coming years. In fact, the idea was born partially of a problem the troops in Helmand province are having disguising their hardware. All armored units there are painted for desert environments, making them unmistakable even at a distance when they roll into cultivated, green parts of the region.
It's only a matter of time until we see this technology evolve into the invisibility tech used in the sci-fi movie Predator....!!

via popsci

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