Thursday, January 13, 2011

25 (FREE) Creative iPhone & iPod Touch Home Screen Wallpapers

•• UPDATE ••

Most of these wallpapers work only on the iPhones and iPods with the 3.5" display running iOS6 and earlier. They are NOT formatted for the newly introduced iPhone 5S / 5C running the new iOS7... 
-Check out 25 wallpapers for the new iPhone5 and 5th generation iPod Touch at this link!


....Did someone say FREE...!?
Are you wanting to 'Jazz' up your iPhone/iPod Touch home screen, but didn't know what to do...? These fun and creative designs will make your Apps appear to be resting on bookshelves, or become obstacles in a TRON Light-Cycle match, your Apps will look like they're resting on blueprints or even part of a Pac-Man game. Pretty cool if you ask me! 

...the following 25 Home Screen Wallpapers may inspire you to create your own or just copy the images and use 'em for yourself...!!

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TRON - Light Bikes
 Wooden Bookshelf
Classic Donkey Kong
Design-Junky | LAOROSA
Circuit Board
Grass (Close-Up)
Autumn Road
Tile on Wood
The Matrix
Wood Plank
Art Nouveau
Super Mario Brothers
Old Mossy Bookshelf
Classic Bookshelf
Modern Black Shelves
Macintosh/iPhone: Smily Face
Cracked Screen
Hand Drawn Graph Paper
Architect Plan Drawing
Suspended Shelves
TRON - version 02
Football Field

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Anonymous said...

Great Post LAOROSA!
I love the Tron one the best!

Anonymous said...

I love the Bookshelf ones!
don't know which one I'll use, guess I'll try them all :)


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful design! I like the Old Mossy Bookshelf one most.
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pipelineoptika said...

Dare I ask for Retina display resolution, too? :3 Love them heaps!

Bella Holmes said...

I have an iPhone but I haven't tried to search a unique wallpapers like this. Thanks for sharing. It's a wonderful designs.

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conveyancing sydney - said...

The cracked screen looks funny!

Андрей Боровик said...


Anonymous said...

Whats the name of the app in the app store?

Anonymous said...


Phillip Mario said...

Another good way to enjoy the ipod touch and iphone experience you already have. What I like about apple products is they've got a variety of ways on how you could personalize your mobile phone or gadgets the way you want them to be.

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