Monday, January 17, 2011

Contact Lens to Project Images Directly onto your Retina.

Here is an interesting bit of tech news.... contact lenses with built-in LED arrays that display images directly onto your retinas.
Because these eyewear displays are physically worn on your eyes and under your eyelids, the projected images/video can NOT be seen or avoided by closing you eyes or even when you take a nap... when the display is off the contacts are transparent and regular vision isn't impaired when wearing them. They are powered from a beltpack that transmits electricity wirelessly to an antennae on the lens.
Researchers at the University of Washington have been working on extremely tiny and semi-transparent LEDs designed to be integrated into contact lenses. So far, they've managed to create red pixels and blue pixels, and when they can figure out green ones, they'll be able to make full color displays.

via dvice

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