Monday, January 3, 2011

10 Worst Brand Blunders of 2010.

It's a brand new year, which means we can look back and learn from all the triumphs and failures of 2010... and that includes Branding Blunders.
(Note to Self)...Please remember after spending loads of money on changing and upkeeping your company's identity, please THINK things through. The list below, put together by bnet are some big 'uh-ohs' that could of been avoided...

GM Dumps the Chevy Nickname
...When GM’s branding guru, marketing VP Jim Campbell sent out a memo to G.M. employees demanding they stop using the term “Chevy” and instead use the official brand name “Chevrolet,” the reaction was predictable: Chevy customers told him, en masse, that he was being a jackass... read more
Dell's Internal Meltdowns
...It seems the components had a tendency to leak fluid, thereby causing the computer to malfunction. Rather than doing a recall, however, Dell insisted that there wasn’t a problem, even though some of the computers were installed at firms that provide healthcare services... read more
Oprah's New Logo
Oprah Winfrey is sophisticated, intelligent and classy, so you’d think that when she launched a network build around her brand promise, you’d want it to symbolize what Oprah is all about.  But you’d think wrong... read more
Republicans Hiring Strippers
When you’re the party of family values, and a big part of your constituency consists of evangelical Christians, there are just some places where you don’t want to hold a fund-raiser. And one of those places is most certainly a bondage club that features lesbian strippers... read more
Primark's Padded Bikini's for Kids
The European discount chain Primark went to one of those places when it started selling a line of child-sized bikinis with padded bras.  Needless to say, this did not go down well with the parents who look to Primark as a family-oriented store... read more
The GAP Logo Yank-Back
In the case of the GAP, however, people did care.  The company’s customers hated the idiotic new logo with the little square over the “p”.  A grassroots movement developed to dump the new logo in favor of the old one... read more
Johnson & Johnson's Tainted Medicine
After trying to cover up rampant manufacturing problems, J&J ended up having to recall 135 million bottles of children's Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl. The recall, of course, was bad enough, but trying to cover up the problem was (as always) a huge mistake... read more
Toyota Goes into Denial
...the company tried to stonewall persistent reports of problems with its accelerators. Rather than just doing a damn recall and getting it over with, the company let the problem drag on and on and on, until it became one of the biggest business stories of the year... read more 
BP Does Damage Control
...when BP's oil rig blew and started pumping millions of barrels of oil into the ocean, it was a little difficult to keep up the eco-friendly image, especially when the damage control consisted of a CEO who kept putting his foot so far down his mouth it ended up sticking out his pant leg... read more
Obama Loses His Luster
While Obama’s brand remains stronger than some presidents at their midterm, it's fallen woefully down from the heady heights where it started.  The midterm elections only served to emphasize that the Obama brand has lost a huge chunk of its clout... read more
I guess all we can do now is just shake-our-heads and hope that 2011 will bring some strong/inspiring brand development... but you never know :)

via bnet

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