Sunday, December 19, 2010

VOTD: Incredible Video Animations of Mars Probe Missions.

I remember back in college one of the assignments was to design/build a mechanism to travel 15 feet along suspended cable and drop a golf ball into a hole powered with nothing but a rubber band... the task was challenging and many interesting/innovative designs were created by everyone. I can only imagine the high level of NASA engineering, design and creative wit it would take to launch a probe into the darkness of space and hit a target hundreds of thousands of miles away to perform numerous scientific experiments on a different planet... not to mention the billions of dollars on the line.
Below are some video animations of how past and future Mars missions were executed from the launch, Mars approach and landing. The visuals of the earthly probe and rover are incredible to watch as they maneuver and explore the alien world.
Mars Exploration Rover for Cornell University and NASA/JPL in 2003

The new 2009 Mars Rover by Mars Science Laboratory Mission

Phoenix Mars Lander 2007

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