Monday, December 27, 2010

Pentagon Wants Robo-Vision for Soldiers...!

This might be the best idea ever, because using your own eyes is just plain stupid.....
The Pentagon unveiled last week the Soldier Centric Imaging via Computational Cameras effort or SCENICC for short. This 'overly long named' device will allow soldiers to see in a kilometer 3-D sphere with stereoscopic/binocular vision (10x zoom), night-vision... and many other tricks all without turning your head or blinking an eye. This hands-free head mounted unit literally gives the soldier 'Terminator-vision' that would make Geordi La Forge envious... pretty cool!

The imaging wouldn't just be limited to what any individual soldier sees. SCENICC envisions a "networked optical sensing capability" that fuses images taken from nodes worn by "collections of soldiers and/or unmanned vehicles." The Warrior-Alpha drone overhead? Its full-motion video and still images would be sent into your eyepiece. It also has to be ridiculously lightweight, weighing less than 700 grams for the entire system - including a battery powerful enough to "exceed 24 hours [usage] under normal conditions." That's about a pound and a half, maximum. The Army's experimental ensemble of wearable gadgets weighs about eight pounds. And it is to SCENICC what your Roomba is to the T-1000.

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