Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Machine That Fills Your Beer Cup from the Bottom Up...

The BottomsUP beer tap magically pours your tasty beer from the bottom of the glass. Did you hear me people!? ....FROM THE BOTTOM UP!!
Before you start scratching your head wondering what the advantage of it is - keep reading and watch the video below, the 'reverse pour' process is not only faster, it also allows for less 'head' (foam) and is way cool to watch... 
The idea of pouring beer from the bottom of a glass isn't exactly new, but BottomsUP Beer says that their tap is the world's fastest beer dispensing system (9x as fast as traditional beer taps).
World's fastest huh? I guess that means we can all get drunk faster.... Yeah! 

via gizmodo


Anonymous said...

way way way cool!

Anonymous said...

-pretty sweet, I would like to see one in action. judging by the red thing on the bottom of the cups, they look like they are custom for the machine.
Makes me wonder how much one cup of beer is!

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