Friday, December 3, 2010

iPad Cases Made from Sustainable Wood.

Okay, so you indulged in the modern tech craze and got yourself an Apple iPad. Don't feel guilty that you're taking part in the fast paced world of mobile computing and not getting back to nature... you can have both with this eco-friendly iPad case by SUBSTRATA made from sustainable harvested wood. These cases not only protect your favorite gadget, they are also capable of propping the display into different viewing angles. If you want one you better save your pennies, cuz' the case will set you back $235...
SUBSTRATA is as dedicated to be sustainability in their operations as they are to functional and attractive design. All of their wood comes from sustainably harvested forests, they use recycled packaging materials when shipping, their cases are finished with low VOC water-based lacquers and paints, and $3 of every purchase goes to supporting humanitarian and reforestation efforts in the areas of the world where they source their materials.

via inhabitat

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