Wednesday, December 15, 2010

German Doctors Have Found Cure for AIDS...!

German doctors believe they have found the cure for AIDS with a stem cell transplant treatment... Although there is still a lot to be tested and researched, the Berlin Doctors are hopeful and quick to point out that, ”it is important to have overthrown the dogma that HIV can never be cured.”
“Doctors chose stem cells from an individual who had an unusual genetic profile: a mutation inherited from both parents that resulted in CD4 cells that lacked the CCR5 receptor. This mutation, called CCR5 delta 32 homozygosity, is present in less than 1% of Caucasians in northern and western Europe, and is associated with a reduced risk of becoming infected with HIV”
US citizen Timothy Ray Brown was treated for acute myeloid leukaemia in 2007, with doctors carrying out a stem cell transplant using bone marrow resistant to HIV infection. That marrow lacked the CCR5 co-receptor on CD4 cells – to which the most common form of HIV initially binds with – and by replacing all of the patient’s infected CD4 cells, the HIV has seemingly been eradicated.
This is great news not only for AIDS research but also other diseases and illnesses that are still waiting for a cure... keep up the great work.

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