Monday, December 13, 2010

Europe Developing Self-Driving Cars... NOW.

It's about time, huh...!?
By the looks of the illustrated concept above, the idea seems plausible and projects like this one are funded by the European Commission for developing an infrastructure for self-driving vehicles. This system is called, SARTRE [Safe Road Trains for the Environment] which allows cars to wirelessly link together and travel along autonomously in a convoy. Can't wait to see it go into effect, it may not make the daily commute to work practical, but the long drives across state will be a breeze if I can take my eyes off the road for a while...
SARTRE is designed for use on long roads such as highways, where navigation is minimal and a driver will be on that road for a long stretch. Cars will communicate with each other using wireless radios and a battery of sensors. With this system, a human-controlled lead car is put in place, while all the other cars in the convoy fall in line. When someone approaches their destination, they can take control of the car, breakout from the line of cars, and the rest of the convoy will adjust. Drivers will be able to carry out such tasks as reading, working or eating, without having to completely pay attention to the road.
People may question the idea of daisy-chaining the cars together and relying on the driver in the lead vehicle, but isn't this no different than taking the train, or riding the bus or plane? 
...What are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Great Idea!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this come to reality, especially here in the US.

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