Monday, December 27, 2010

Counterfeiting Made Harder with Thin-Film Transistors.

Sorry would-be bad guys.... but there may be a new development in the battle against counterfeiting. Unlike the current methods such as special inks, holograms, watermarks and micro-print, this new method uses thin-film transistors which is said to be almost 'impossible' to counterfeit...
The new technology, which is still being fleshed out, is designed to literally wrap around paper money. The thin-film transistors are made out of gold, organic molecules, and aluminum oxide. The transistors are then set into a patterned mask, and laid on top of the money. How would merchants be able to tell if it’s the real deal? Once the film is in place, there would be about 100 different organic and invisible transistors on each side of the paper note. Thanks to a small 3 volt current, the note would seem to turn “on and off.” So instead of having to use a special marker, a person would just pass the bill over a sensor, and if it manages to generate the required voltage, the bill is real, and they can buy whatever it is they intended on purchasing.

via slashgear

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