Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Computer Display and Desk In-One.

Researchers from Aachen University have taken the name 'desktop' to a whole new level with the Benddesk....
The computer monitor and desk is literally combined into a bent multi-touch display. Computer savvies are usually acquainted in working with two displays anyways, this concept is the perfect next-step for those techies out there. The duo horizontal and vertical displays use infrared emitters and cameras to track the user's movements. As of now the Benddesk is a working prototype built within a half enclosed wooden frame...
Inspired by Sun's Starfire video prototype from the mid-1990s, BendDesk is made up of a 104 x 104 cm (40.9 x 40.9-inch) acrylic surface that is curved in the middle to provide the horizontal and the vertical display areas. There's a non-acrylic strip to the front of the board which, in addition to fixing the acrylic, gives the user somewhere to rest the hands. The acrylic board is surrounded by 312 LEDs that feed infrared light into the surface. The user interface is beamed onto the rear of the acrylic board at 1024 x 768 resolution by an Optoma EX525ST projector for the vertical display board, and by an NEC WT615 projector for the curve and the horizontal desktop. The latter is positioned so that the user can sit quite close to the desk without risk of interference. In order to compensate for any distortion of the user interface, the system runs through an off-screen buffer.

via gizmag

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