Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tree-Like Skyscraper with Moving Exterior Pods...!!

This story sounds and looks like something out of a science fiction movie.... but in fact it is very real and is scheduled for construction in 2012....!
The design concept was selected out of 237 entries in the design the Taiwan Tower contest. The new addition to the skyline of Taichung, Taiwan will be the city's tallest structure towering in at 984 feet. The tower is also eco-friendly... the structure is able to collect and purify rainwater for drinking as well as generating power from turbines and photovoltaic panels.
Its pod-like leaves are mobile observation decks that glide up and down the trunk of the tower. The tree theme stems from the fact that Taiwan is shaped like a leaf, according to Romanian architect Stefan Dorin. He says the observation pods were also influenced by “sci-fi computer gaming culture,” and are made of lightweight materials “borrowed from the spacecraft industry.”

via popsci

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