Monday, November 1, 2010

Tim Burton's Superman Movie (6pics)

The highly anticipated Superman: Man of Steel movie is in pre-production, produced by Christopher Nolan [Inception & The Dark Knight] and with Zack Snyder [300 & Watchmen] in the director's chair... Unbeknownst to the general public is that Warner Brothers gave Tim Burton [Edward Scissorhands & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory] his chance to re-invision The Man of Steel with the title, 'Superman Lives' with Nicolas Cage playing the Kryptonian Hero... this idea was (thankfully] later shot down...
Back in 2006 concepts began surfacing online of what the character would have look like, taking away the iconic red, blue and yellow caped costume and switching it out with an iridescent glowing suit. [The suit kinda reminded me of the creatures from the movie The Abyss...]
....It's a good thing [in my opinion] Nolan and Snyder is at the helm of this film instead, especially after seeing a photo of Nicolas Cage doing a test of the proposed costume... see below photo...

via slashfilm

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