Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Soundproof Keyboard Cover...

Everybody can take a deep breath knowing that there is a solution to dampening the sounds of typing on keyboards...
No, it is not a new form of technology that is integrated into the keyboards. Instead it is a soundproof cover by Thanko, that covers your keyboard and hands as you type...! It even has a convenient transparent window for easy viewing.
According to Thanko, this very unique design makes sure that the sounds of the click on “older” keyboards isn’t heard. But, there’s enough room inside to make sure that touch-typists can go about their business without being hindered by the cover.
HHMMmmmmmm...... interesting idea.
Looks like it could be frustrating to use especially when you have to use the computer mouse regularly.... also there is a high possibility of coming across as a wierdo using one of these. Either way, the sound proof cover costs about $36 and just in time for the holidays.

via slashgear

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