Monday, November 1, 2010

Realistic Human Mask is Creepy.

What was your favorite Halloween costume this year? I bet it wasn't this one...!
Check out this super creepy realistic human mask... it even has eyeholes and rubber band to hold it to your face. You too can create one of these masks as well just by providing a front and side profile pics of your pretty little face to I can see this being very useful for many students out there who want to get some extra sleep in class or even the bank robber that.... errrr... wait...nevermind.... The company can also put your face on dolls and action figures of your choice... Way Cool...!
Putting your face on an action figure starts at $99 and creating a realistic human mask starts at $299...! I'm so doing this next year. How about for Halloween I go as you and you go as me....? Whadyathink?

Check out the video below to see more...!
....This post reminded me of a past post of a creepy realistic mask I posted back in July....Weird!
via thatsmyface

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