Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer on the iPhone and iPod.

Steve Ballmer has been the CEO of Microsoft since 2000, since then there has been many advancements not only in computers (PC and Mac), but also with handheld devices...
Many think he is a genius and many think he's a babbling fool. Either way, below is a video from 2007 of how [many thought] Ballmer put his foot in his mouth as he trashed the idea of the over-priced [at the time] first generation iPhone and how it  was a bad internet and emailing device because 'it doesn't have a keyboard' (which it does in fact have a virtual one)... today there are dozens of smartphones with touch screens and many of them have an even higher price tag...
I thought this would be interesting to post again since this November Microsoft is releasing the Windows Phone 7 to the public that has many traits that he trashed including the virtual keyboard... interesting.
FYI... think before you speak.
Although I am personally curious what Microsoft will bring to the table with WP7, I still believe a CEO shouldn't publicly trash-talk a competitor especially when they don't have all the facts..... just sayin'.

here's another one.... Ballmer defending Microsoft against Apple.

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