Thursday, November 18, 2010

iPhone 4 Sliding QWERTY Keyboard Case.

Are you an iPhone 4 user that is still unhappy with the virtual keyboard? Turns out BoxWave may have the solution for you without adding bulk to your phone... The case is super streamline and adds hardly anything to its already slim footprint and provides the physical buttons, via sliding keyboard, that you desire. It also has a hole on the backside to accommodate the camera and flash. The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case will ship next month (December) and will set you back $70.
via engadget


Anonymous said...

another thing to add is that it helps protect against the 'antennae-gate' issues for early iPhone4 adopters :)

Anonymous said...

Looks good - quite a few different versions of iPhone keyboard cases popping up lately, found this one too which is much cheaper if a little less stylistically snazzy

chet rosales said...

Thanks for the iPhone Case weblink...!
Reminds me of a mini-version of the keyboard cases for the iPad.

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