Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ben Heck's Coach Section Laptop.

If your into gadgets I'm sure you've heard of Ben Heck (Heckendorn). Heck is known for his Do it Yourself designs and modifying existing electronics such as Xbox 360's and computers...
His latest design is the Coach Section Laptop and with the help of element14, the design should solve the problem of using a laptop in tight spaces such as sitting in a crammed airplane seat. The design is a modified Toshiba Satellite and works like a traditional laptop with a hinged display, but if the seat in front of you is in the way the screen can adjust on dual pivoting arms placing the display in a more convenient position. Although a working prototype the design is more of a proof of concept than a manufactured product.
Who knows we may see a this design concept in the near future...!

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